Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Entering the Home Stretch.

Hi all of you out there in the land of virtual bliss.

Well friends, were entering the home stretch, as of this Friday I'll have but a mere 6 weeks left in New Jersey. :( ..........

I have a feeling it's all going to go rather quickly, there is so much to be done in such little time.

My official return date has been set for the 18th of December, one week before Christmas day! I hope to see you all soon there after, ov'course there's that Christmas thing but.... I'm sure I'll find time to see you all!

Also I hope you all have a safe yet fun Halloween, be sure to get your candy x-rayed before you eat it..... That or don't let it hit the bottom of the bag, you chose.

Also I probably won't be able to send another one of these before thanksgiving, so eat an extra drumstick for me!

Elder Bailey

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday's and half-ways

so I guess I haven't updated you all with what's happening with me for a while so I'll send a boring e-mail to all you kids in facebook land, I know your the only one who will see this thing any way.

so lot's has happened i guess, i was transferred from Newark, NJ to Morristown, NJ where I'm currently serving as an office elder. i know how would you guess that the computer guy makes his way into the office....... right?.....

anyway I'm here in the office working with the media referrals for the mission and i care for all the supplies like book of Mormons and dvd's and what not.

it's fun enough, I get to speak in zone conferences and all, YAY!!! BOO!!!

we are really having a lot of success here as we had a baptism 2 weeks ago and will probably have more during the month of September. it's been so great working with English people for the last little while, even if they still kinda scare me. but for the first time on my mission i'm working in a completely functional ward. you know where home teaching actually get's done.

well my friends a picture is apparently worth a thousand word so i'll leave you guy's with a couple. (note they probably won't passthrough to facebook.)

"till we meet again, meet me in your dream!"

~ Elder Bailey

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

time fly's by.....

Hi all,

so first of all many of you wanted to know how I manage to post this to my blog and facebook while still being on a mission and keeping all the rules. it's simple really, use technology.

so the process starts with me sending an e-mail from my myldsmail.net account, to my blog elderbailey.blogspot.com. where it get's posted to my blog. then a few hours later my facebook account which follows my blogs rss feed. updates this to a note and posts it to my facebook. so... now that that is all understood we can now continue with my post.

so it has been 4 months since I left salt Lake and came to lovely New Jersey....... Yes! lovely New Jersey....... no really, New Jersey is a wonderful place, though I have spent the last 4 month in the middle of the city of Newark, surrounded by noise and grime.

2 weeks ago I had the chance to go to the Manhattan temple and worship there in, it was truly a marvelous experience. the world out side the doors is loud, agitated as new york is, but the moment you walk through the doors, it appears that you've walked into heaven. what a wonderful place to be!

well to all my friends and family that will see this

I love you all and will see you in December


Elder Bailey

"Till we meet again i'll be in your dreams!"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jersey, Jersey,Jersey

hi all you in computer land,

so im finnally getting around to updating this poor thing.

so much changes, i was at home now im in new jersey as a missionary for the church of jesus christ of latter day saint. ill be serving here for the next 8 months and will return to beloved home in utah the 2nd week of december 2009.

to all of you that i know and didn't catch before i left, you can write me at this address.

Elder Curtis James Bailey
New Jersey Morristown Mission
1719 State Route 10 E., Suite 309
Parsippany, NJ 07054-4519

or cjbailey4@myldsmail.net but i will have to respond in letter form.

love you all

E. Bailey

;) to the one i love "till we met again ill see you in your dreams"

Monday, January 19, 2009

living in the here and now.

Well, I guess it's been a while since I've written here on my blog. so, here's the recap so far. I've been home since October and well it's been a hard pull these last few months.

I've been in limbo, no job, no school, no real progress. man, what a drastic transformation. on my mission, all we thought about was progress. How we could help our investigators, the ward, our area. How we could do anything to cause progress. Then I come home and step into a vacuum, with little or no progress. My saving grace I feel has been my friends, and the empress theatre.

My friends are various, like Big Sam and Steve. they have really supported me and I want them to know that I really appreciate them.

also I want to thank the Murdock family, I would say that Riley is my best friend, and they don't mind if I loiter at there house and eat there food. thanks.

as well I want to thank the majority of the cast of "Babes in Toy Land" as well as the Jesters Royal. they have been completely accepted me, even if I'm not a terribly good actor (YET!!!!!) but all I really appreciate the encouragement they give me.

Also I want to thank my family, even thought they likely won't see this. they obviously supported me. Most of all they are really trying to help me make the best decisions, plus there very patient with me.

well, until I know what's happening in my life I'll just be around, yep.......

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Brasil how I miss thee?

so its been 3 weeks since I've returned from my mission in brasil for medical reasons. I find myself depressed and with a great desire to return to the land and people I love. what an amazing thing is this limbo your in because of a mission, I was released the night I came home so I could be without a companion, and I don't have to wear a white shirt and tie.

the stake president asked me when I was released to refrain from dateing, watching t.v. , or seriously working, to help me keep an elivated state of mind and standards. what has my life become? my days are just sitting at home "recovering" from surgery i.e. doing nothing. what frustration? what lack of value I feel, a lack of satisfaction? the things that you use to judge your life are all stripped, now you have to find what your real internal value is.

I've recived job offers, good ones, salery work, full benifits. can't take one of them, cause "well if you start working you won't go back on the mission" and ''if you date you won't go back on the mission.'' I'm so tired of the mission. hey, I didn't choose to come home I was painted into a corner. I want to go back but what do "I" do here in the mean time? what do you people want from me?

welcome to adult life i guess.